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Dive into the mystery of a free match-three game! Welcome to the enigmatic land of Aquitania that is in the middle of nowhere. A fantastic trip calls for your skills, reaction and keenness of wit and is a perfect solution for a hard day's night. Solve riddles and explore the forgotten land of Aquitania for free right now!

A brand-new match-three arcade tells the story of a bygone times. An ugly sorceress bewitched the princess of Aquitania and stole treasures from all the citizens of the country. Your task will be to find all the precious things and gather them from pieces. But it isn't everything! Each piece of a treasure will be given to you only after you go through the match-three game of a brand-new type. Unlike the other games of the type, the playing field is half-empty. You get new objects to match from the birds in the upper part of the screen. Mind the quantity of the objects! If the field is overfilled, the bird will die and its feathers will complicate the game. After all the blue checks disappear, a part of a stolen treasure will pop up. The objective here is to get it down and then deliver it to its owner.
Enjoy the brightness of the gameplay and the simplicity of the control. Splendid and realistic sound effects add to the perfection of the game and make you spend hours on end before the screen. Download and play the game for free and restore peace and harmony of the enigmatic land of Aquitania!


  • More than 11 captivating episodes
  • 11 gorgeous treasures to collect
  • Original bonuses and special effects
  • Light music and impressive sound effects
    Aquitania download


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